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Edmonton Concrete Professionals

In 2014 Heath Sande founded Sande Brothers Concrete. After 15 years of foreman on a placing crews he and his brothers took their talents to tackle projects for their own. With the expertise, quality, and a work ethic they have been delivering quality projects to homeowners and businesses alike.

Sande Brothers Concrete are informed down to earth people with a wealth of knowledge regarding concrete and construction. If you have any questions you can assured we have the foresight to ensure your project will be a success.

They provide value to any project and enjoy working collaboratively meeting project objectives and aesthetics. If you have any questions regarding our service our would like to discuss your project please fill out the form below or call us at the phone number below

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Meet the Concrete Professionals

Heath Sande

Heath has been working with concrete for over twenty years. His first few years were spent pouring the basics—sidewalks, driveways, etc.—before moving on to spend a few years specializing in arena floors. After starting Sande Brothers, he started learning more about decorative concrete and by now he is able to tackle any flatwork project you can imagine. He is a visual man who loves bringing ideas to life. In the off season he enjoys skiing and playing hockey with his wife and two boys and, since concrete keeps him too busy to golf in the summer, he enjoys traveling to warm destinations where he can indulge his passion for golf.

Cory Sande

Cory has also been working in slab construction since 2010, with his first four years building arena slabs across Western Canada. Like Dillon, he’s been with Sande Brothers Concrete since its inception in 2014. In the off season, Cory is a sound editor for a television channel and an avid traveler. He also enjoys making music. With his varied interests and talents, Cory can handle anything you throw at him.

Dillion Mcmillion

Dillon has been working in slab construction since 2010, spending his first four years mainly working on arena slabs across Western Canada. He has been with Sande Brothers for five years. Dillon is a hard working guy with a “get er done” attitude. When he isn’t pouring concrete, Dillon enjoys golfing, street biking, tinkering on projects, and visiting family in Palm Springs.


Calvin has been in the concrete industry for over twenty years. He is a great help to the team and always has a good attitude. In the winter, his seven children keep him busy and he especially enjoys coaching and watching them play hockey. In the summer, he enjoys traveling to warm destinations where he can indulge his passion for golf.


Raised in Halifax, Craig is a hardworking man who came to Alberta to take advantage of a booming economy. He’s been in the concrete industry for over fifteen years. As a gradework and machine work specialist, he is involved in projects from forming to finishing. Craig is a great conversationalist who loves fast cars and golfing.


Justin began his career in concrete when he started working with Sande Brothers in 2015. He is a hard worker who always has a smile on his face and has made a great addition to the Sande Brothers crew. Justin loves playing hockey in his spare time and heading to the slopes in the winter. Though he is relatively new to concrete, his sense of humor and work ethic have made him an asset to the crew and the company.

Leaders in Safe Work Practices

COR | Safety | Certificate of Recognition

We take our work seriously. Every job starts with a thorough safety review. We have the processes in place to protect our workers and the public. This is part of our daily routine to ensure work is completed accident-free and without downtime or risk of liability. Safety is our biggest concern.

WCB Certification

We work together with WCB to ensure the highest safety standards are met. Following WCB workplace standards significantly reduce the impact of workplace illness and injuries.

Construction Associations

Edmonton Construction Association

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CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence | Runner up

We were involved in 2019 CHBA home builder awards with Carson built. The home was runnerup for + 1.5million. See the project link below